“Kathryn Nuernberger’s astonishing poems present an urgent and devastating discourse, via manylayered gut-punch narratives, of the complex ways in which we are connected to one another that together become a powerful reckoning on female strength and desire in the #MeToo era.”

-Erika Meitner, author of Holy Moly, Carry Me

“The animal violence underlying bourgeois decorum, the suffocating brutality of our patriarchy, and the gross and beastly truths of our human sexuality are all lined up here. Nuernberger knocks them down one by one with cutting humor, a breadth of erudition and book smarts, and the reassuring potency of her feminism.”

– Jaswinder Bolina, author of The 44th of July

New & Recent Work

A preview of poems from RUE

Excerpts from The Witch of Eye, a new nonfiction work-in-progress about historical figures accused of witchcraft:

Past work…

Kathryn does in-person and digital visits to classrooms, libraries, and writing groups.

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