Poems & Essays


The Poetry Foundation: “The Strange Girl Asks Politely to Be Called Princess,” “The Sound of Music,” “Translations,” “You Are Afraid of the Dark”

Poetry Daily: “The Real Thing”

The Stirring: “Rue” and “The Bird of Paradise”

The Collagist: “When We Dead Awaken”

Florida Review: “I Want to Know You All”

Horsethief: “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit”

Tongue Journal: “A Great Place to Raise Children”

Spoon River Poetry Review: “I’ve Been Preoccupied Lately by My Own Private Business”

32 Poems: “Birds of Ohio”

Field: “It’s Like She Loves Us and Like She Hates Us”

West Branch: “Zoontological Sublime”

Guernica: Rituals of the Baccabs as the Strange Case of Kate Abbott”

Vandal Poem of the Day: “The Saint Girl’s Sweetest Tortures,” “The End of Pink,” and “I Conceded the Point, I Concede the Point, I Concede the Point.”

The Journal: “Whatever You Need”

Juked: “The Lost Psalms of the Blue Gill People”

Poetry Off the Shelf. “Little Lesson on How to Be” featured on “The New Motherhood Poem” podcast by Rachel Richardson.

Versedaily.com: “My First Peacock” and “The Strange Girl Asks Politely to Be Called Princess”

PoemoftheWeek.org: “Ichthyphobia,” “U.S. EPA Reg. No. 524-474,” and “The Ragged Edge”


Paris Review Daily: “The Inventions of Witches”

Plume: “The Invention of Fire”

Brevity: “The Invention of Familiars”

Diagram: “Walpurga Hausmannin”

Entropy: “Bloodroot”

The Journal: “Float, Cleave”

Cleaver: “Before Roses Meant Fire”

Tupelo Quarterly: “Why the Dauphin Won’t Consummate the Marriage,” “Trinkets,” and “Pantoum for Tilly Matthews”

Indiana Review: “Property Lines”

Sundog Lit: “The Known World,” and “If I Make My Bed in Hell…”

Diagram: “Fred Sandback Makes Me Miss That Teenage Feeling,” “Heed Not the Milk Hare,” “Beset Upon All Sides,” “Where Have All the Good People Gone”

Redivider: “The Sameness of Days”

Defunct: “Short Treatise on Those Animals Which Wear Clothes and Those Which Do Not

Brevity: “Little Essay on How to Be”