New & Recent Work

This poem on symbiotic mutualism was commissioned by the True/False Film Festival. Ant/acacia expert extraordinaire, Dr. Todd Palmer, provided the scientific background. The brilliant multi-media geniuses Chelsea Meyers, Becca Sullinger, and Mike Marshall made this sensory feast out of my sonnet.

whistling thorn acacia


A preview of poems from RUE (forthcoming in Spring 2020)…

Poetry Daily: “The Real Thing”

The Collagist: “When We Dead Awaken”

The Account: Three poems about plants historically used for birth control

The Stirring: “Rue” and “The Bird of Paradise”

Florida Review: “I Want to Know You All”

Field: “It’s Like She Loves Us and Like She Hates Us”

Tongue Journal: “A Great Place to Raise Children”

Spoon River Poetry Review: “I’ve Been Preoccupied Lately by My Own Private Business”

Horsethief: “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit”


Excerpts from a new nonfiction work-in-progress about historical figures accused of witchcraft:

Waxwing: “Agnes Waterhouse”

Paris Review Daily: “The Inventions of Witches”

Plume: “The Invention of Fire”

Brevity: “The Invention of Familiars”

Diagram: “Walpurga Hausmannin”

Entropy: “Bloodroot”

The Journal: “Float, Cleave”

Cleaver: “Before Roses Meant Fire”


Past work…

The Poetry Foundation: “The Strange Girl Asks Politely to Be Called Princess,” “The Sound of Music,” “Translations,” “You Are Afraid of the Dark”

32 Poems: “Birds of Ohio”

West Branch: “Zoontological Sublime”

Guernica: Rituals of the Baccabs as the Strange Case of Kate Abbott”

Vandal Poem of the Day: “The Saint Girl’s Sweetest Tortures,” “The End of Pink,” and “I Conceded the Point, I Concede the Point, I Concede the Point.”

The Journal: “Whatever You Need”

Juked: “The Lost Psalms of the Blue Gill People”

Poetry Off the Shelf. “Little Lesson on How to Be” featured on “The New Motherhood Poem” podcast by Rachel Richardson. “My First Peacock” and “The Strange Girl Asks Politely to Be Called Princess” “Ichthyphobia,” “U.S. EPA Reg. No. 524-474,” and “The Ragged Edge”

Tupelo Quarterly: “Why the Dauphin Won’t Consummate the Marriage,” “Trinkets,” and “Pantoum for Tilly Matthews”

Indiana Review: “Property Lines”

Sundog Lit: “The Known World,” and “If I Make My Bed in Hell…”

Diagram: “Fred Sandback Makes Me Miss That Teenage Feeling,” “Heed Not the Milk Hare,” “Beset Upon All Sides,” “Where Have All the Good People Gone”

Redivider: “The Sameness of Days”

Defunct: “Short Treatise on Those Animals Which Wear Clothes and Those Which Do Not

Brevity: “Little Essay on How to Be”