Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past

Winner of 2016 The Journal Non/Fiction Prize
from Mad Creek Books,
an imprint of The Ohio State University Press

Could Marie Antoinette’s wigs get any higher? Could the anonymous women riding in hot air balloons alone with gentlemen be any more scandalous? Does an Ozark holler hold the mouth to a lost cave with the longest, thickest vein of gold in North America? Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past is a collection of rumors, secrets, tall tales, and lies that begins at the court of Louis XV and ends in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

In essays that are equal parts historical and personal, Nuernberger brings the marvelous strangeness of the past into our present moment with wry wit and insight. Nuernberger has an eye for salvaging overlooked snapshots of human decency and moments of moral courage—the memories of which we might just want to save for later. 

You can order a signed copy of the book directly from the author via Paypal.

You can order Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past from The Ohio State University Press, IndieBound, your local bookstore, and Amazon.

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