This is a book of about prairies. A book about rural America. A book about the science and folklore surrounding plants historically used for birth control. It is a book about an affair, a breakdown, and also it is about love. Rue is a book about everything that might be possible between us once we have decided to tell the truth of our lives.

“This collection lets you open yourself to the possibility of truth stripped bare of the cultural baggage that keeps us from speaking our minds to strangers and friends and lovers alike. Let RUE bewitch you, let it charm you, as rue strung around the neck to keep your vision sharp and deflect from plague and remedy what ails you. Let it locate what ails you, and extract it with whatever needs to be said.”

-Jennifer Givhan, author of Trinity Sight

You can order a signed copy of the book directly from the author via Paypal.

“Kathryn Nuernberger’s remarkable collection Rue asks what it means to know another person, how imagination and action intersect to shape our experiences of love and desire…. Among the book’s questions concern the female body—who gets to control it and how, who imperils it and under what guise of professionalism or friendship, and what flowers let women control it for themselves.”

– Traci Brimhall, author of Saudade and Come to the Slumberless to the Land of Nod

You can order RUE from BOA Editions, IndieBound, your local bookstore, and Amazon.

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