Rag & Bone

Winner of 2010 Antivenom Prize
Elixir Press

Rag & Bone reveals complicated truths with rare eloquence and wit. Whatever the future holds, Nuernberger remembers, even as she beholds the present with blinding intensity. Lyrical and deeply felt, the poems in Rag & Bone track the movement of a sometimes skeptical but always engaged and impassioned mind.” -Jane Satterfield

“The poetry of Kathryn Nuernberger vibrates with an intense awareness of the strangeness of being a conscious being. Her narration of outlandish scientific experiments and hunting expeditions, along with her contemplation of olds, human mutations, and narwhals, are voiced with that searingly matter-of-fact quality found in fairy tales (more often than not the scary kind)….This is an appealingly unsettling debut of a highly gifted poet.” -J. Allyn Rosser

You can order Rag & Bone from Elixir Press, IndieBound, your local bookstore, and Amazon.

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