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If you are using Kathryn Nuernberger’s poems or essays in your classroom, you can supplement that reading with these video performances, interviews, books reviews, and other classroom resources. Discussion questions can be found here. Be sure to check out the blog for writing exercises, reading recommendations, and publishing advice.

Online Readings

Words Together/Worlds Apart, Poetry reading in celebration of Earth Day on the theme theme of NATURE featuring Tina Mozelle Braziel, Laura Eve Engel, Roy Guzmán, Kathryn Nuernberger, and Sara Lupita Olivares, hosted by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach and Kelly Grace Thomas.

Kathryn Nuernberger on The Social Distance Reading Series at Green Mountains Review.

BOA Is Here Virtual Poetry Salon. Reading “When We Dead Awaken” alongside other BOA poets celebrating new releases in 2020.

Reading “The New Elements” at The Princeton Festival’s Poetry Reading Series.

And if you’ve made it this far, you deserve this “Proper Opossum Poetry Corner,” which has nothing to do with Kathryn Nuernberger’s poems, but is a treasure in its own right.

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